Wednesday, November 23, 2011

you don't speak spanish? you'll be fine! you'll be able to fine lots of people who speak English!.... um. wrong.

Jordan and I made our first adventure to Barcelona on Sunday. and wow. i definitely wish i knew some spanish.  Our first mission is to buy a train pass in the village, La garriga.  We get off to a pretty good start, we are there a little early so have about 10 minutes to wait. We see a cute little family and have them take our picture.  This is where we went wrong. ... we figured we would just follow this trio and do what they did to get on the train.  so as soon as the train comes they start walking and we follow.... they don't get on... the we hear beepbeepbeepbeeep. and the doors shut. uhhh. they ask us where we were going and we say barcelona.. they then point to the train that is speeding by.

so we had about 45 minutes to wait for the next train. good thing it wasn't raining.
After we finally make it on a train, we arrive in Barcelona about 40 minutes later, with no real intentions except to explore the city.  Off we went in a random direction to see what we could find.  We had thought about trying to find the english speaking movie theater at some point to see Twilight.  This, however, turned out to be much more difficult than we anticipated.  On our walk, we stumbled upon the Catedral de Barcelona, which is an absolutely gorgeous unfinished cathedral.  We spent about an hour or so walking around and admiring the architecture and artwork, and even got a sip of water..

however after looking at some of the pictures the other girls took the day before.... I think Jordan and I may have missed some of it :S oops.
We got to see lots of fun street performers break dancing and playing instruments and singing.  after walking in several different directions for about 2 hours we gave up on finding the movie.  We asked directions from several different people but they all seemed to point in different directions :s so we resolved to find our way back and find somewhere to get Tapas!
Tapas Buffet!! 

Ordering off a menu is surprisingly hard, especially when it's not even in Spanish, but in Catalan, the more common language in Catalonia.  We were excited to find a restaurant where you see the food and can pick which ones you want and then pay by how many toothpicks there are! it was delicious! a lot of variety! ... a lot of fish... and uncooked fish.. i stayed away from those. bleh.
Made it back to the train station. hoped on the wrong train. hoped off the wrong train. waited for 20minutes for the right train. Hoped on the train to la garriga (hopefully). hoped off at La Garriga....maybe..... relieved to see that we actually got off at the right stop.  needless to say, i am not a huge fan of public transportation. especially in another language.

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