Friday, November 18, 2011

Arrived in La Garriga

Well, we made it here! after only 7 and a half hours too! thank goodness we were wrong because I don't think I would have survived a 14 hour flight! There was a little turbulence but it wasn't too bad at all. The woman sitting next to me asked me if I was from Barcelona, this was clearly before she heard me speak at all.  so after they fed us a snack, dinner, and breakfast, we arrived in Barcelona at 7 am.  luckily everyone's luggage made it here as well, and we then found Kristin, an ALA employee to help bring us to SEK in La Garriga.
When we got to the school, it was a little rainy.  Instead of being able to go straight to our rooms, we had some orientation information to go over, besides it was just the start of the day here!
I was excited to learn that there were other student teachers here for a whole year! There are 10 other students who get paid and are like assistants, most in primary.  most of them are from the UK and  one from texas but speaks Spanish fluently. 
Wow. There is so much going on it is hard to put it all into words!
the first day as we walked around the tour of the school, it kind of seemed like we were walking in circles. and not having slept in 24 hours did not help.
It is so interesting to just watch the students.  Compared to an American school, the students have much less supervision.  Not that they are constantly getting into trouble though, they are really great kids and enjoy their freedom and open communication.  here is a picture of the play area  from the balcony of our flat:

We went into town for a little bit to look around, it was beautiful! La Garriga is a small town, and everything closes around 1:30 or 2 and then reopens at 5ish until around 10 or 11.  This is their siesta... which I think should be considered in the States.  It is very pleasant.
Later Wednesday night we all had sweet bread and chocolate with the other students and got to know them a little. I love hearing people from England speak! it all sounds so proper! they sound much more educated than americans!
we finally got to sleep around 10:30 here. and woke up for our first day in school, which did not begin until 9:30am :)

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