Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clocks? not needed.

I think I have seen a total of 3 clocks in the entire school. and 1 of those doesn't even work! The teachers here don't seem to be too concerned with starting class right on time or being early, as long as they get there at some point it's ok.  Which seems to work pretty well, seeing as most of the students are fairly fluent in 3 languages. 
Paul, my mentor teacher from London, is very friendly and fun to talk to! I have been helping him do a blog for the school as well! even though all the computers are in Spanish ... even google. Buscar con Google
 bethany and me with some of the students in 1st o ESO. which is basically 7th grade.
the teachers and students have a different schedule everyday! however they all seem to know where they are expected to be and when.
It is interesting to see students this age.. they seem to be similar to american students in many ways, besides that they are already pretty much fluent in 3 languages,  Braces and acne dominate the classrooms, as well as gender segregation in some of the younger ones (like 11, 12 - boys sit next to boys, girls sit next to girls)
No one seems to straighten their hair, they all either braid it, messy bun, or leave it naturally wavy. Which is great because i planned on not brushing my hair for the entire month! .. and my hair can be curly or straight so its not too bad. i'll fit right in.
When asked about the uniforms, most of the students seemed to like them because they don't have to worry about what to wear... i think many American students would feel differently. I especially enjoy seeing the primary students in the uniforms! very cute!
students leaving the classroom... door and walls made of glass.

this week is exams for pretty much all of the secondary students, so normal classes won't really resume until after thanksgiving.. which they don't celebrate at all.

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