Monday, November 14, 2011

Leaving for Espana!

It's finally here! Tomorrow I will be boarding a 14 hour flight .. first to new york then to Barcelona! will be arriving in Barcelona at 7 am on Wednesday! that's right leaving Tuesday, arriving Wednesday. So excited to finally get over there and see some of the world! I'm a little nervous about the whole language thing...but don't worry, I have packed my idiots guide to Spanish. My bag is stuffed so may end up leaving some stuff there to bring back new cultural items instead! Well i am going to download some cool kid jams to listen to on the way.. even though my ipod battery will only last about 4 of the 14 hours :S ha o'well hopefully they'll be playing Harry Potter on the flight!!


  1. I had the same issue but hopefully your flight will be like mine and they had individual screens in front of every seat and you can listen to radio, or watch movies or tv shows! (Be warned sometimes they are in finnish) Espero que tengas un burn viaje! Hasta pronto!