Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Week in Spain!

Last week They only had school on Wed. and Friday because of a holiday.  And even then, I was informed that many students don't come on Wednesday.  But I was excited to get to teach in 1st o ESO (7th grade) some and to do some whole brain teaching strategies with 2nd o ESO (13yrs olds).  I taught them CLass- YES and they really seemed to enjoy it! Even though procedures like this work best when used consistently, the students enjoyed mimicking how I said class.

This week I have prepared english lessons for 1st o ESO and 3rd o ESO.  The students in 1st o ESO are fun to teach, while they do get chatty sometimes, many of them are eager to participate! I had several technical difficulties with the SmartBoard, so I had to improvise a little,but it still worked out well.  I found it difficult sometimes because they would start talking in Catalan among each other and i wasn't sure if they were talking about something relevant to the lesson, in which case I want them to continue, or if they were off task.  Later though Paul told me that they were talking about the activity they were working on. :)

Tomorrow will be my last school day here at SEK! I have to admit, when I first found out I would be with secondary students I was very apprehensive about my time here.  However, I am glad to say it has been absolutely wonderful, and I have a new appreciation for middle and high school students. Although I am sad to say goodbye to Spain, I am looking forward to graduating, seeing my friends and family, Christmas, and American food!!!!  I will definitely miss the nice weather, students, and teachers.

Now if only I can fit everything back into my suitcase! wish me luck! 

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